We're Rebuilding!

You know how sometimes you start a little remodeling project and suddenly you're adding a whole new wing? Well, that's what happened here. Please be patient while we wait for the contractor to show up...

While You're Here...

We're like the doctor's office - sharing a little something to read while you wait!
Ella - you hit it right out of the park with CHA5E'S videos!!! You are AWESOME! Suzy E.
OK, believe it or not, I finally was able to really watch the montage. What can I say….breathtaking and awesome! Your creativity is amazing. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks so much. But more than just the montage, thanks for all you do to help make our party, not just a party, but an event. Truly, when we know you and your team are there, we know it will all get captured and the end result will be incredible. I can’t thank you enough for all the passion and hard work you clearly put in to what you do. It shows many times over. You’re awesome. Paul N.
12:30 am. Watching dvd. U r so flipping AMAZING!! I just love you, this was so worth waiting for!!!! Laurie F.
I just now got around to watching Gilli's entire BM video with rehearsal and bonus footage, etc. SOOOOOO awesome! What a fun night -- brought back all those awesome memories and I have a smile on my face ear to ear. I'm sad I have no more kids to get bat mitzvahed!!! Valerie W.
WOW!!! I just sat for the last hour with a permagrin on my face! I laughed and I cried! The video is amazing!!! Of course I expected nothing different! Thank you for doing such a great job of representing everyone...especially those closest to us! You are absolutely the BEST!!! Thanks...and I'm looking forward to seeing the rest! Leslie F.